Compassionate Soul Care and Counseling in the Denver-metro area.

Counseling, COVID, and moving forward: 

The unusual and challenging times we continue to find ourselves in have produced, or exposed, a myriad of personal struggles for many.  The need for counseling and support has perhaps never been clearer, with unemployment, trauma, depression, addictions, and strained relationships on the rise. 

If you could use someone to walk with during this time, please feel free to contact me.   In-person sessions as well as Zoom meetings are available, depending on circumstances.  If finances are a concern due to a job loss or reduced hours, I will be glad to work with you. 

Grace and peace,

Types of Counseling and Soul Care

Individual Counseling

The focus and safety of a one-to-one counseling relationship can bring clarity, hope, and transformation into difficult places.

Couples Counseling

A fresh perspective and way of thinking about relating can unblock the impasse and create movement and hope.


If divorce is on your horizon, I will do all I can to help.

Men's Work

We will explore the unique journey of the masculine soul.

"I’ve known Mark Dorn as a student in a masters program I led in Christian counseling and as a personal friend with whom I’ve enjoyed many rich thoughtful conversations about Christianity, life’s challenges, and God’s answers. I would not hesitate in referring people to Mark for wise, warm counseling."

A Pilgrim's Journal

Reflections on the Journey

And Time Slows Down…

I just had my oldest son’s four children over for a “sleepover at Grandpa’s house.”  Although it was less than 24 hours together (not a big deal, right?), it was

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