Fees & Payments

Fees & Payments

Helpful information regarding fees and payments.

Counseling Fees

Each session is 50-60 minutes, at the standard rate of $125.00, payable at the beginning of each session. Additional time is charged accordingly. 

A $50.00 charge will be assessed for cancellations made within 24 hours of a scheduled appointment. Failure to cancel is also a $50.00 charge.

Payment Options

Payment is accepted in the following forms:

  • Cash
  • Check (made out to Mark S. Dorn, Inc.)
  • Pay Online


For a number of reasons I have maintained a cash practice, not dealing with insurance. While I realize this may be an inconvenience or an extra expense for clients, it makes it possible for me to remain in practice on the part-time basis that I have chosen and that has worked effectively for me for nearly 25 years. 

Additionally, it keeps the matters we discuss in counseling between me and my clients, without the added intrusion of a representative from an insurance company. It also means none of my clients have a diagnosis attached to their name in an insurance company file somewhere. This approach also gives me the flexibility to work out payment directly with my clients, and make adjustments if a financial hardship arises. Plus, many insurance companies will limit counseling work to a small number of sessions. I have found that personal growth works better if it’s not on an artificial or imposed timetable. 

As always, feel free to ask any questions you might have regarding insurance and billing.