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Life on the Road

Longing and Pilgrimage on the Way to God

Part memoir, part spiritual exploration, Life on the Road is a gritty, realistic take on the spiritual life. Filled with personal examples, spiritual musings, and often overlooked truths, this book is an invitation to embrace the dark challenges, as well as the profound joys, of our life with God as a longing pilgrim.

"We live in an age where the idea of Christian spiritual fulfillment is either trivialized with superficial formulas and programs or rejected as naive and unattainable. In Life On the Road, Mark Dorn invites readers to consider another way, the ancient path of paradox. The road where we find God in the space between sorrow and joy, futility and hope, death and resurrection. The path where longing is just as essential as fulfillment, and where traveling is just as crucial as arriving. This book will help you see that most of what you thought was a barrier to finding God is actually the bridge. This book will help you find God."
Michael Cusick
Author of Surfing for God,
Founder of Restoring the Soul