Types of Counseling and Soul Care

Making the decision to see a counselor always represents a step of courage, often an important step on a path toward greater freedom, wholeness, self-awareness, and spiritual growth. A wide range of challenges in life can bring someone in for counseling

    • vocational & career struggles
    • family issues
    • depression
    • anxiety
    • sexual abuse
    • relationships (dating, pre-marital counseling, etc)
    • marriage difficulties
    • divorce
    • grieving a loss
    • dissatisfaction / life purpose / refocusing
    • men’s issues 
    • Christian spirituality
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Whatever the issue, I will do all I can to treat your story with compassion, patience, wisdom, and care. It is not unusual, in the frenetic times we live in, to responsibly take care of many aspects of our lives, but to do so at the expense of the care of our souls, our precious inner lives. Our sessions will focus on the most important issues of life, as we seek together to find words for your soul, your relationships, your aspirations, and your connection with God.

Every therapist counsels from a particular model or way of thinking about people. My way of thinking is informed by the Bible, New Testament and Old, and has a clear Christian perspective and worldview. Although my model emerges from a Christian point of view, I neither accept nor refuse a client based on his or her religious beliefs.

In my ongoing personal and professional development, I have read widely in areas of spiritual formation, human growth, soul care, seasons of life, sexual abuse, relationships, and other topics related to helping people change and grow. I have found that respecting the dignity and worth of each person, and calling people to greater depth, deeper roots, and broadened generosity creates a context for real change, regardless of religious affiliation.

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Individual Counseling

A variety of concerns brings clients in for individual counseling and soul care. Dissatisfaction with career, relational issues, depression, anxiety, loss of purpose, and more can be catalysts for growth and change. The focus and safety of a one-to-one counseling relationship can bring clarity, hope, and transformation into these difficult places.

Couples Counseling

Most marriages have seasons where the inevitable troubles of life, combined with whatever personal issues and relational style each spouse brings into the relationship, can produce tensions and seemingly unresolvable conflicts. A fresh perspective and way of thinking about relating can unblock the impasse and create movement and hope.

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Divorce Counseling

Few experiences in life are as shattering and disorienting as divorce. If divorce is on your horizon, I will do all I can to help with possible reconciliation, but with the aim of preserving the integrity of your own spiritual journey. If you are in the midst of a divorce, or have recently experienced one, our focus will be to help bring healing, perspective, and hope for the next chapter of your life.

Men's Work

In the last 25 years, much has been discovered, written about, and explored regarding the special issues faced by men in our culture. Pornography, failed careers, loss of hope, depression, workaholism, father issues, parenting, dating and marriage – all of these are avenues for exploring the unique journey of the masculine soul.

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